Storing food, taking lunch with you for your break at work, decorating your table with attention to the environment: this is Re-Generation. Durable objects entirely Made in Italy of post-consumer recycled plastic.
The collection consists of a bag, a water bottle, two lunch boxes, five containers of different shapes and sizes.

Fratelli Guzzini

The Ecobag is versatile, colorful, indestructible, made with post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable, capacious, light, easy to clean. Perfect for the beach, but also for daily shopping.

water bottle

The water bottle is the plastic version of our Energy project, very light and very resistant to shocks. The body is blow molded, the cap injection molded.

lunch boxes

Two lunch boxes of different sizes are part of the family, both have an internal space where the cutlery is located. The internal white part of the lunch boxes, in contact with the food, is made of virgin plastic.


The collection is completed by five containers for the kitchen, with a freshness-saving seal. The internal white part of the containers, in contact with the food, is made of virgin plastic.


The packaging of the collection is made of recycled paper.

Photo Federico Villa