Eco Mask

Eco Mask is a reusable eco-sustainable protective face mask produced in Italy from innovative antiviral and antibacterial plastics, designed to increase comfort and facilitate breathing. Thanks to its soft, anatomically shaped sealing edge, it adheres to the face and fits all facial forms snugly, with a level of comfort which allows it to be worn even for hours without itching, redness, marks on the skin.

Fratelli Guzzini

Eco Mask is not a disposable product and can be reused indefinitely thanks to the use of high quality, easily sterilised, durable plastics and the fact that the filter, which has a lifetime of one day’s use, is easily removed and replaced.
The entire mask can easily be sanitised washing it by hand in hot water with ordinary detergent, washing it in the dishwasher at 70°, in a microwave oven using a steam sterilisation bag or also at cold using suitable liquid or effervescent tablet disinfectants.

The sealing edge in contact with the face and the straps are made from a special biocompatible medical thermoplastic rubber, compliant with the ISO EN 10993-1:2009 standard. The entire mask and straps are made from innovative plastics able to drastically reduce the viral and bacterial load, preventing the proliferation of viruses and bacteria in situations with potential infection risk and minimising the contamination hazard.

One mask, two choices. The straps can be used in two different ways: hooking it to the head or directly to the ears, shortening the elastic bands at the ends.

Fitted with an effective multi-layer fabric filter. Filter lifetime: 8 hours of use. The perfect seal between the soft rubber edge and the face ensures a high degree of isolation from the surrounding environment.
The entire mask is extremely lightweight, only 45 grams.

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