Nespresso Design Contest 2005 — 1st Prize

Nespresso Card


Still students at Politecnico di Milano, we won the first Nespresso Design Contest.
The main purpose of our work was certainly to open up new horizons, but also to keep the Nespresso coffee taste and enjoyment at a constantly high level anywhere in the world, be it in Europe, America, or the Far East. To achieve this aim, our starting point was to create a Nespresso website dedicated to those consumers who want to choose their own coffee. The consumers can enter their data in the website and a customised profile of those who decide to join the project will be created. Endless combinations are available to meet any requirements: customers can choose from more than 12 types of coffee and also select sugar quantity, thinness, possible additions, etc… Once you have entered your preferred features, Nespresso will send you a personal card containing information about your coffee preferences, which you will be able to edit from the website at any time.

How and when to use this card? Points of sale will be programmed and created all over the world, to enjoy your favourite coffee wherever you go. The Nespresso points of sale will be points of reference for coffee fans. They will be conceived as spots where you can satisfy your wishes by just inserting your card into a vending machine that reads your data. The vending machines will operate as automatic cash points and will be connected to a central database: when your card is inserted, the distributor will retrieve the relevant data through an Intranet and immediately serve your favorite coffee. The points of sale will be run by Nespresso staff and equipped with Internet points, where current customers can edit their data and new customers can register to obtain their personal card. The website, card and points of sale project is intended to give Nespresso a new dimension, create a different way of enjoying coffee and an opportunity for everyone to drink real Italian Espresso anywhere in the world. The Nespresso cards could become a status symbol for the new generation, for whom customization is a must.


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