The nomadic workers get used to what is purely temporary and easily create a working space in the typical times and places of their moves. But shared spaces do not render the moment of the individual work a pleasant one: the space where one can enjoy privacy, organize ideas without being observed by others or just keep personal objects is missing.
Lack of space customization is another typical feature of shared space; nomadic workers cannot have a customized desk, as long as we have an analog vision of the work space.

Spalvieri & Del Ciotto

Technology, which has rapidly deprived the workspace of its personality by getting rid of the desktops and all the objects associated with the presence of people, could be the engine for the rebirth of contemporary customization. The contemporary work has been radically transformed and influenced by the web. Hence the need for our project to be connected with the net, thus creating a dialogue between hardware and software. This symbiosis offers enormous opportunities, especially for the work-related projects where the technological and human components are closely intertwined.

The challenge is to improve the quality of mobile work, by customizing the tangible space in a way that allows the workers to feel at home, even when they are away from home. The software (a mobile app) can be used to customize one’s space. This project looks at the future of the mobile work and paves the way to unprecedented opportunities and to a high degree of customization of the workspace. Satellite was a Top 15 Finalist in Herman Miller’s “The New Office Nomad Design Challange”.

Work Space

Graphic project Etaoin Shrdlu Studio