Save-it vacuum system, comprising an electric pump, six containers, three sets of bags and a wine cork, allows foods to be kept fresh for longer, reducing the waste caused by their deterioration.

Fratelli Guzzini
Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump, charged via USB cable like an ordinary device, is complete with flat battery warning light. The pump creates a vacuum in bags and containers in a few seconds at a touch on a button and stops automatically when the target is reached. Wireless, user-friendly, with integral bag closing clips and liquid absorption compartment, quiet and with high suction power.


The containers, in high-grade plastic, have a silicone air removal valve in the lid: it takes just a few seconds’ suction to create a perfect vacuum.

Vacuum wine bottle cap

The vacuum wine bottle cap conserves wine’s freshness, flavourand bouquet for much longer than ordinary storage methods.

Photo Fratelli Guzzini