A felt collection, a lamp and an ottoman entirely handmade in the Kyrgyz Republic. Modularity is the main design element. The ottoman is composed of 6 soft felt discs, kept together with Velcro, which can be used together or separately as flat cushions. The lamp consists of several hollow felt discs, superimposed to obtain the round shape. The gradient colour solution completes the object design and enhances the gradual change of shape from one module to another.


The inner layer of the modules is made of foam. The outer coating is obtained using a sew-less felting technique. Felt thickness: 2.5 mm. Felt composition: 100% wool. This project is the result of collaboration between Italian and Kyrgyz designers and artisans of TUMAR art-group. The collection is dedicated to home interior where modern shapes and design organically blend with traditional technologies of felt production and skills of Kyrgyz artisans. For the creation of the new design objects were developed innovative techniques and know-how of the felt production.

Manufacturing Processes

Photo Tumar